State Representative David Leland and JCRC Co-Chair Ted Fisher
Photo: Adam Reiss, Spyroll Studios

Israel continues to be challenged on a regular basis by terrorism and non-conventional threats to its security and even its very existence. At the same time, Israel is taking courageous steps in its ongoing efforts toward peace. Explaining Israel’s actions and the environment in which it operates is often challenging in American public discourse.

The JCRC addresses a critical need to the community – a cadre of dedicated individuals with the expertise and up to date information to serve as advocates for Israel and the Jewish people. We are dedicated and always continuing our search for individuals willing to make the case for Israel.

Our JCRC partners with AIPAC, Hillel, Chabad, ADL, and Ohio Jewish Communities to educate our constituents on the importance of a safe and secure Israel – to the Jewish people, to America and to the world.

Justin Shaw

Director, Jewish Community Relations614.559.3205